Thursday, July 31, 2008

Interview with Karl Anthony Francis

Interview with Karl Anthony Francis for Kendall Publication

Crystal: Hello Karl, I just finished reading your newest book, Deadly Consequences. What would you say was your hardest part during the writing of this novel?

Karl Anthony Francis: Dedicating myself each and every night to write at least one page, and keeping track of the different characters names, habits and personalities.

Crystal: Was it difficult to get all of the correct street names and places to match up in your story?

Karl Anthony Francis: Not at all because these are places that I’m actually familiar with.

Crystal: Obviously, Dante aka Black was the main character, but which one of all of the characters in your book was your favorite and why?

Karl Anthony Francis: I would have to say Maria because she did things her way despite Dante’s domineering and controlling ways. Other than Dante and Trigga, Maria was the only character who displayed her independence and spoke up. I love her.

Crystal: What are you planning on as far as future writing projects?

Karl Anthony Francis: I recently completed Fair Game and its sequel Changing The Game. I’m now working on Cruel Shame and From Kingston To New York, a true story. I guess I’ll continue to write because it’s something that I love to do.

Crystal: How long have you been writing professionally?

Karl Anthony Francis: Since 2002.

Crystal: What do your friends and family say about your books after reading them?

Karl Anthony Francis: lol! They all say that I have a fascinating imagination.

Crystal: How can readers contact you or purchase your books?

Karl Anthony Francis: I can be contacted at 718 724-3766 or email me at They can purchase books through,, and